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Interlinking of several services

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Interlinking of several services

Initial situation

A medium-sized company that operates on a European level, primarily produces auxiliary materials for products that are used in formulations in cosmetics, cleaning products and medicines.

In 2009 the company received a large client order for the supply of a raw material that needed to be produced through a reaction and subsequently incorporated into a carrier wax composite for the purpose of fast dosage.

Some of the raw materials had to be imported from outside Europe, so conformity with the current REACH legislation was required. However, the company only had limited knowledge of the current regulations.

Therefore, both a contract manufacturer for the reaction product and a bottler for the wax in 500ml quantities were sought. The particular challenge here was that the first batch of the order required 3000 doses that had to be bottled at 60°C. Several contract manufacturers either considered the order too small or were unable to undertake production.

Description of services

In accordance with the current regulations of the REACH legislation, we were able to manufacture the raw materials in our chemical production facility without considerable bureaucratic and financial expense. Furthermore, the wax composite containing freshly produced raw materials was manufactured GMP-compliant and filled semi-automatically in our cosmetic production facilities. For this, a more transportable piston filling machine was installed directly underneath the boiler and samples of +/- 0.002 kg were filled, labelled and packaged semi-automatically at 60°C.


Cosmetics industry


Medium-sized companies
European staff: 64
Turnover: €12 million

How the customer benefits

  • No change to the current corporate structure needed
  • No need to appoint additional staff
  • No provision of own production facilities or new equipment needed
  • Broadening of the product range
  • Forward-thinking approach
  • No provision of own logistics required
  • No purchase of raw materials needed