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Manufacture of a cosmetic paste

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Manufacture of a cosmetic paste

Initial situation

Our client is a globally-active company that sells large amounts of cosmetic products under different brand names. Its main focus lies in the production of liquid and cream cosmetic products. The products are developed in in-house labs and manufactured at several locations worldwide.

Our client would like to manufacture a paste-like product for specific use to round off the in-house product range. However, the client’s current mixing facilities are not suitable for producing this formulation due to particular physical properties of the product. Ideally, new investment in suitable facilities is to be avoided as the production flow would be considerably disrupted by this fringe product.

The client asked us to check the production options for this paste-like product.

Description of services

We worked closely with our client to develop a manufacturing process that could be realised as fully as possible in our production facilities. Some minimal, necessary investment was implemented in the short term. Here, particular attention was given to the high quality and hygiene requirements of our clients.

From purchasing raw materials to contract manufacturing to supplying worldwide production facilities, we now take care of supplying the customer with various paste-like products.

Furthermore, we are always on hand with our specific product knowledge to answer technical questions for enhancing the products.


Cosmetics industry


Large companies
Worldwide staff: 120,000
Turnover: €32 billion

How the customer benefits

  • No change to manufacturing structures
  • Outsourcing options for paste-like products
  • No provision of own production facilities necessary
  • Flexible availability as required
  • No own provision logistics required
  • No purchase of raw materials