Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for ethical business behaviour in URSA CHEMIE

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All employees are bound by the rules of this Code of Conduct. It describes the values, principles and procedures which have in the past been stipulated for business behaviour at URSA CHEMIE and which will continue to apply in the future. The aim of the company management is compliance with ethical standards and the creation of a working environment which promotes integrity, respect and fairness. A business policy with a strong legal basis and strong principles is in the long term interests of the company.

Compliance with laws and other provisions at home and in other countries

URSA CHEMIE strives in all its business decisions and procedures to take into due consideration the applicable laws and other relevant regulations both in the home country and abroad in other countries. Integrity and honesty are the cornerstones of our conduct towards our customers and suppliers.

Obligation of company management

URSA CHEMIE feels that their obligation is to act in an economically, socially and environmentally aware manner. This is also the basis of what is described as the logic for success of the company. URSA CHEMIE therefore endeavours to operate their business in a competent and ethical manner and in all the markets in which they are active to protect fair competition in as much as ensuring that all applicable legislation is complied with. Unfair advantages against customers, suppliers or competitors are to be avoided.

Human rights

All employees must be aged at least 18 (with the exception of trainees) and they must have completed compulsory education. Forced or compulsory labour is prohibited. Employees have the freedom to end the contractual employment relationship with an appropriate period of notice.

Discrimination against employees is not permissible in any form. This applies for  placing the employee at a disadvantage on grounds of for example gender, race, cast, skin colour, disability, trade union membership, political beliefs, origins, religion, age, pregnancy or sexual orientation.

Employees can discuss working conditions openly with the company management without having to fear any reprisals of any kind. They are entitled to join together, to become members of a union and to appoint a representative and to be able to become one as the result of a vote.

URSA CHEMIE guarantees safety at work and protection of health in the workplace, at least within the context of national regulations and supports continual further development of improvements in the work environment.

As a socially responsible employer URSA CHEMIE places a high value on their employees. The personnel policy of URSA CHEMIE contributes to it being possible for every employee to be offered professional and personal development. An open exchange of opinions, critiques and ideas is promoted.

Environmental standards

URSA CHEMIE acts in accordance with the precautionary principle in terms of dealing with environmental problems, it takes initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility and promotes the development and more extensive use of environmentally-friendly technologies. URSA CHEMIE guarantees appropriate protection of the environment in all production phases. This includes a proactive process to avoid or to minimise the consequences of accidents which could have a negative impact on the environment.

Confidentiality and data protection

A large part of the business  information of  URSA CHEMIE  is confidential or subject to legal protection, such that an obligation concerning confidentiality arises.  This does not apply if publication of information has been approved by URSA CHEMIE or if this is compulsory on the basis of laws or regulations.

The confidentiality obligation also extends in particular to intellectual property. This includes business secrets, business and marketing plans, draft designs, business papers, salary data and all other unpublished financial data and reports.

All personal information about employees, customers, business partners and suppliers and other third parties will be used with care by URSA CHEMIE and treated as confidential in full compliance with the law on data protection. The protection of this information must be effected with extreme care.

Implementation and monitoring

The rules which this code of conduct includes form a core element of the company culture of URSA CHEMIE. The uniform compliance with these principles is obligatory. Every employee is responsible for upholding the code.

If an employee has any concerns or complaints about any of the points listed in this code of conduct or if they are aware of any possible breaching of the guidelines for conduct then he is without delay to inform his superior of these so that they can be dealt with. This can be done anonymously or in a confidential manner. URSA CHEMIE will not allow there to be any reprisals on the basis of concerns which are raised in good faith in the context of this code of conduct.

Information and communication

URSA CHEMIE will communicate this Code of Conduct in an appropriate manner both within and outside the company.


Edition: October 2015