Mixed products

Formulations with quality guarantee

Its own production area is available for demanding hygienic products (cosmetics among others) under GMP conditions. We manage recipes and manufacturing processes in one proprietary, protected database. These are connected to our technical facilities in production and even enable the production of complex mixtures.

  • Do you need capacities for high production volumes?
  • Are you looking for quality and proof of the production history?
  • Need help with the optimisation of your recipes?
  • Is the safe storage of raw materials and finished products important for you?
  • Temperature-controlled mixing tank made of polished stainless steel
  • Homogenisation by means of various agitators, jet stream mixers and inline dispersers
  • Powder mixer and vacuum dryer
  • Integrated quality assurance for raw materials and finished products
  • Semi-automatic and professional working method
  • Environmentally safe and secure storage of chemicals