Formulations with quality

Your requirements – our processes. Do you want to produce solid or liquid mixed products with your own formula or want to optimise your formulas, but lack the right equipment or permits? Do you have the right equipment but need additional capacity?

You develop the formula – when it comes to manufacturing your mixed products, that’s where we come in. Your ready or almost ready formula together with your manufacturing instructions form the basis of our collaboration.

We develop an efficient production process or optimise existing production processes in line with your specifications, perfectly matching your formula to our plants. If necessary, we can scale-up your formula and your processes from laboratory scale to a large-scale plant.

We know what matters. As a contract manufacturer, we then take over the exclusive, safe, high-quality production of your chemical and cosmetic mixed products.

Quality is important to us. We monitor and control every step with a high level of methodological competence and modern analysis technology.

The mixed products are delivered to you or straight to your customers at home or abroad, in accordance with your specifications.

Two separate production areas are available for the manufacture of your mixed products:

GMP production

In the GMP production area, we manufacture sophisticated hygiene products under GMP conditions (cosmetic GMP). These apply to the cosmetics industry, as well as to agriculture, food supply chains and other industries that manufacture products with high purity requirements.

Technical production

The technical production area is equipped with special safety equipment for processing hazardous substances. This enables the processing of toxic, corrosive, inflammable and explosive or dust-explosive chemicals.

Our plants

Our plants enable computer-based control (PLC) and monitoring and are designed for batch sizes ranging from 100 to 20,000 litres. They allow products with a viscosity of up to 60,000 mPas to be processed at temperatures of up to 190 °C. An inline pH measurement can also be taken during the processes and mirrored dosing can be implemented. To ensure that the quality of our mixed products is consistent, we use individually adapted manufacturing instructions.

  • Temperature-controlled mixing containers made of various materials
    • Stainless steel
    • Enamel
    • Plastic

  • Homogenisation through various types of stirrer
    • Viscoprop stirrer
    • Jet stream mixer
      • Ystral multipurpose
    • Sigma stirrer
    • Trapeze stirrer
    • Anchor stirrer
  • Inline disperser with powder suction
  • Vacuum mixer dryer
    • Volume 1,600 litres
    • Stainless steel
    • approved for explosion protection zone 0
    • Drying up to 150 °C
    • Inertisation with nitrogen
  • Powder mixer
    • Mixtures under explosion protection
    • Volume of 300 litres to 1,100 litres
    • Stainless steel
    • Feeding liquids by spraying

Are you looking for a full-service solution from a single source?

We offer you Chemistry. Efficient. Holistic. For you, this means working with an all-rounder who not only supports you in the production of chemical mixed products and chemical reaction products based on your formula and manufacturing instructions, but who also has a broad permit base and a mature infrastructure.

We offer a high degree of expertise in various chemical fields, along with flexibility, speed and process-oriented consulting, all of which make us the ideal partner for your needs in the field of chemical raw materials, intermediate and end products. Learn more about our skills.

Are you interested in our production facilities?

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Margaux Zaufenberger
+49 2602 / 9216-0

We are looking forward to your call, your e-mail and the first contact with you, gladly also by Whatsapp!

You still have an open question?
We are here for you

Margaux Zaufenberger
+49 2602 / 9216-0
We are looking forward to your call, your e-mail and the first contact with you, gladly also by Whatsapp!