Added value for your products

Your requirements – our processes. Do you want to adapt your product to your own production requirements or to the needs of your customers?

As specialists in the production and handling of chemicals, we also offer our comprehensive range of technical equipment for a variety of services.

We would also be happy to handle your enquiries regarding the processing of hazardous substances or products with special hygiene or cleanliness requirements.

Use our capabilities to:

  • Decant
  • Dry
  • Grind
  • Filter
  • Distil
  • Purify

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Are you looking for a full-service solution from a single source?

We offer you CHEMISTRY. EFFICIENT. HOLISTIC. For you, this means working with an all-rounder who not only supports you in the production of chemical mixed products and chemical reaction products based on your formula and manufacturing instructions, but who also has a broad permit base and a mature infrastructure.

We offer a high degree of expertise in various chemical fields, along with flexibility, speed and process-oriented consulting, all of which make us the ideal partner for your needs in the field of chemical raw materials, intermediate and end products. Learn more about our skills.

Are you interested in our production facilities?

Are you interested in our production facilities? Click here for further information and take a look at our facilities.

We would be happy to help. Please get in touch with your contact partner should you have any questions.