Extra class stainless steel reactor

Reactor 16

The new stainless steel reactor weighing more than 4 tons, commissioned in November 2016, shows the impressive volume of 8,000 liters. This means that its capacity is 9.2 tons. Thus he is not only an impressive appearance, but he also shines with inner values. Its 45 KWH strong agitator with a total weight of 2.7 tons (including motor) serves the professional processing of highly viscous products.

The integration to an IT-based process control system (PLS) ensures perfect integration into the production process. With its machine presentation, “Reactor 16" extends the capacities and the redundancy for the already existing plants in our company

Of course due the production within the framework of complex assembly, the safety-relevant aspects were also considered (controlled use in EX-protection environment).


  •      Volume 8,000 liters
  •      Capacity of 9,2 tonnes
  •      Agitator 45 KWH
  •      For highly viscous products
  •      Connection to IT-based PLS
  •      Ex-protection environment
  •      Stainless steel