Processing of liquid products

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Mixed products

Capacitiesup to 10.000 litres
MaterialsStainless Steel
Agitator elements Viscoprop mixer
Ystral Multipurposemaschine
Explosion-proof conditionnone
Temperatureup to 150 °C
SpecialitiesViscosity up to 30.000 mPas
Production under cosmetic-GMP-conditions



Tank farm

Capacitiesup to 30.000 litres
MaterialsStainless steel and GRP
Explosion-proof conditionnone
SpecialitiesPossibility of homogenization in tank



Reaction- and mixed products under explosion-proof condition

Capacitiesup to 8.000 litres
MaterialsStainless steel
Agitator elementsSigma mixer
Trapezium mixer
Anchor mixer
Viscoprop mixer
Explosion-proof conditionZone 0, 1 and 2 inside the reactors
Temperatureup to 170 °C
SpecialitiesPressure vessel up to 4 bar
pH-measurement during processes
Viscosity up to 20.000 mPas
Dosage below liquid level
Inert gas blanketing with nitrogen