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All employees are bound by the rules of this Code of Conduct. It describes the values, principles and procedures that have determined the business activities of Ursa-Chemie in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Management aims to maintain ethical standards and create a working environment that promotes integrity, respect and fairness. The long-term interests of the company are served by a corporate policy which is law-abiding and follows strict principles.


Compliance with laws and other regulations at home and abroad

In all of its business decisions and commercial practices, Ursa-Chemie endeavours to comply with the applicable laws and other relevant provisions, both nationally and internationally. The relationship with our customers and suppliers is enhanced by integrity and honesty.


Commitment of the company management

Ursa-Chemie considers it a duty to act in an economic, socially responsible and environmentally friendly manner. This is also reflected in the company’s consistent success. Ursa-Chemie thus endeavours to conduct its business competently and ethically and to protect fair competition in every market in which it operates by complying with applicable laws. Unfair advantages over customers, suppliers or competitors must be avoided.


Human rights

All employees must be at least 18 years of age (except trainees) and have completed compulsory education. Forced or compulsory labour is not permitted. Employees have the freedom to terminate the employment relationship, subject to giving reasonable notice.

Employee discrimination is not permitted in any form. This applies to discrimination based, for example, on gender, race, caste, skin colour, disability, trade union membership, political opinion, origin, religion, age, pregnancy or sexual orientation.

Employees can communicate openly with management about working conditions without fear of reprisals in any form whatsoever. Employees have the right to join forces, become a member of a trade union, appoint a representative and be elected to one of these.

Ursa-Chemie guarantees health and safety at work at least in the context of national regulations and supports continuous development to improve the working environment.

As a socially responsible employer, Ursa-Chemie considers its employees to be of great value. Ursa-Chemie’s personnel policy offers every employee the opportunity for professional and personal development. Open debate, criticism and ideas are encouraged.


Environmental standards

Ursa-Chemie applies the precautionary principle to environmental problems, takes initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility and encourages the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies. Ursa-Chemie guarantees adequate environmental protection in all stages of production. This includes a proactive approach to prevent or minimise the consequences of accidents that could have a negative effect on the environment.


Business ethics

The highest level of integrity is expected in all business activities and relationships. All forms of corruption, bribery, extortion, money laundering and embezzlement are strictly prohibited. Ursa Chemie also understands that it must not procure resources for its own gain from areas that are in a state of civil war or where human rights are seriously violated.

Employees must not be influenced by the acceptance of favours; likewise, they are not permitted to influence others by offering favours. Employees may only accept customary hospitality and symbolic gifts, which are appropriate to the circumstances. If in doubt, the employee shall seek the advice or approval of the respective manager. Employees may not accept the following types of gift from third parties or offer them to third parties, regardless of the value of the gift: Money, loans, commissions or other monetary benefits.

Confidentiality and data protection

A large part of Ursa-Chemie’s business information is confidential or protected by law, so there is a duty of confidentiality. This does not apply if publication of the information has been approved by URSA CHEMIE or is mandatory due to laws or regulations. 

The obligation of secrecy refers, in particular, to intellectual property. This includes trade secrets, business and marketing plans, blueprints, business papers, salary details and any other unpublished financial information and reports.

Ursa-Chemie handles all personal information about employees, customers, business partners, suppliers and other third parties carefully and confidentially and in full compliance with data protection laws. Great care must be taken to protect this information.


Implementation and monitoring

The rules contained in this Code of Conduct are a core element of Ursa-Chemie’s corporate culture. Uniform compliance with these principles is essential. This is every employee’s responsibility.

If an employee has concerns or complaints about any aspect of this Code of Conduct or has knowledge of any breach of this Code of Conduct, he or she should promptly report this to his or her supervisor for clarification. This can also be done anonymously or confidentially. Ursa-Chemie does not permit reprisals based on complaints made in good faith under this Code of Conduct.


Information and communication

Ursa-Chemie communicates this Code of Conduct in an appropriate manner inside and outside the company.

As of: August 2020

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We are looking forward to your call, your e-mail and the first contact with you, gladly also by Whatsapp!