Are you looking to expand? Do you need additional technical resources and an extension to your permit? Increase your efficiency with the specialist for contract manufacturing in the chemical industry.


We produce your chemical reaction and mixed products on the basis of contract manufacturing. Thanks to our broad range of permits and production options, we are able to manufacture a variety of products for you.

How may we help you?

Chemical mixed/reaction products

As an experienced all-rounder, we manufacture chemical mixed and reaction products for a variety of industries and requirements.

Quick and efficient production

Established processes, an optimal infrastructure and a broad permit base allow us to manufacture for you quickly and efficiently.

Targeted project support

We would be pleased to advise you on more than just the product. We can often illustrate and optimise further process steps. 

Our idea of contract manufacturing:


Our idea of contract manufacturing:

Full service.


Thanks to our broad and in-depth knowledge, we are able to find our way around a wide range of industries and development processes. We offer support beyond the chemical product itself, with logistics, IT, management, procurement and our experience. We always aim to streamline your production process, as we can adopt several sub-processes at any given time.

This is how we can support you:

We streamline your process chain

For example, we take care of production, procurement and logistics. At Ursa, chemistry is efficiently conceptualised.


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Our production - a look behind the scenes

Ideal conditions for the best quality! We show you where your chemical product is developed. Feel free to take a look.

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We create for you

In the future, we will be expanding our floor space CHEMISTRY. EFFICIENT. HOLISTIC. By 2021, we will have expanded our production area by an additional hall with a total of three working levels and approx. 900 m² of floor space. Get an overview today of our new technical capabilities in a digitalised, environmentally friendly production environment.