Effective and efficient: We will make sure your processes are in top shape

In addition to manufacturing your chemical products, you can also outsource entire processes to UCM. From planning and process development to procurement, logistics and goods delivery – we will streamline your entire process chain, so that you fully concentrate on your core business.  As a medium-sized company, we are extremely agile. We can usually respond faster and more flexibly to your needs than large corporations. Our strong network and collaboration with a large number of suppliers produce interesting synergy effects. At the same time, this network guarantees us – and more importantly you – secure and fast procurement of raw materials or packaging. Standard chemicals are always in stock and available without any procurement time.

UCM can optimize the customer's process chain,
by giving up sub-processes. 

* Example: procurement, production, logistics, will be taken over by UCM.

UCM can optimize the customer's process chain, by giving up sub-processes.

*Example: procurement, production, logistics, will be taken over by UCM.

What does that mean in practical terms?

Scenario 1

You manufacture your own raw material component. It is produced in a special process and a specially operated system designed for it. Now this system is defective and needs to be renovated. You can choose to invest a lot of money in a new system … or you can outsource your system to UCM! It gives you the flexibility to obtain the required amount of material; at the same time can use the freed-up space for other projects. So you benefit in several ways: Your processes are streamlined and you simultaneously increase your capacities for further projects. You can obtain the required special components flexibly from UCM.

Scenario 2

To provide your services and technical equipment, you need a wide range of chemicals, including hazardous substances. If you wanted to store and process them yourself, you would need suitable storage and production facilities with the appropriate official permit according to BImSchG (German Federal Immission Control Act). Would it not be easier to simply access UCM’s storage and manufacturing capabilities?

By connecting your ERP’s IT system to that of UCM, the orders entered by your employees for the customer-specific order are automatically transmitted to UCM. The requested goods are delivered promptly from our existing stock or manufactured and delivered within a few days. You do not have to worry about raw material procurement, storage, production and delivery. All these steps are outsourced to UCM, but remain strongly integrated into your own processes, which are perfectly streamlined as a result.

Not only do you benefit from more efficient processes, your administrative workload is also reduced. For example, your ISO 9001 certification does not require auditing of chemical production processes, since they are handled at our premises, not yours. The monitoring and auditing efforts by the authorities are correspondingly simplified.

Scenario 3

You actually manufacture your chemical products yourself. However, for a specific product or manufacturing step, you need highly specific plant engineering that is not available internally. In this case, you can draw on UCM’s diverse production facilities to optimally complement your skills and process capacities. It may even allow you to tap into completely new product groups that were previously not part of your repertoire.Go to

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