Ploughshare mixer attached to the ceiling

An empty weight of 19 tons, a volume of 4,200 liters, a motor with almost 100 kW power, two cutter heads with 15 kW each and a total length of almost eight meters, these are just some of the key data of the new Lödige mixer.

Today the new ploughshare mixer was lifted to the ceiling of our new production facility and fastened with 24 bolts. Before doing concrete work on the ground floor ceiling, the fastening plates had to be inserted and measured to the millimeter. Fastening a ploughshare mixer directly to the ceiling is a rarity. Usually the dryers are built on a frame structure.

In terms of its performance data, the new mixer is designed in such a way that significantly larger quantities can be processed in a shorter time. While drying previously took five working days, we now only need two days for the same mass, according to a careful estimate. In the future, the dryer is to be emptied directly into a new mill (grinding capacity between 600 and 800 kg per hour).