Chemical experience meets modern technologyik

As a contract manufacturer, URSA-Chemie processes over 2000 different raw materials, which find their way into hundreds of finished products for many different branches of the industry. Specifically, our quality control laboratory is challenged here. All disciplines of product analysis are used:

  • physical test parameters such as pH value, viscosity, density, melting point
  • quantitative chemical analysis such as titrations, photometry, weight analyzes
  • instrumental analysis such as GC, HPLC, IR spectroscopy on modern devices
  • product-specific application tests for our customers

Our quality control currently checks raw materials and products according to almost 600 analytical methods, most of them are based on national and international standards. Ensuring good product quality on the basis of reliable measurement results is our top priority.

Seven chemical skilled workers are busy checking incoming goods, monitoring processes and examining our finished products on a daily basis.

Regular further education and training of employees is the basis for good laboratory practice.

Almost all laboratory employees are former trainees which leads to a wealth of experience for all issues.