Training at a distance – video tutorials for the new ERP system

The introduction of new IT systems, such as those of an ERP program, are generally a major challenge for a company. The training of employees is an extremely important and decisive component. In times of Corona, a company then faces additional challenges that require new tools.

At Ursa-Chemie, we think efficiently, and not just when it comes to chemistry. The acquisition of video editing software and suitable equipment enable the creation of video tutorials. In this way, the employees can acquire the necessary knowledge at a distance and independently of the lecturer. Questions can be discussed by email or in remote team meetings.

The video format is well received. Employees can deal intensively with the content of their own focal points and understand them better. It is also very easy to pass it on to the next employee level, based on the “train the trainer” principle. Above all, the temporal and spatial independence of the participants and the lecturer are a great advantage of this type of knowledge transfer.